Thursday, 9 May 2013



Alhamdulillah, today we had a "Workshop on Thesis Manual Review" with dedicated professors and lecturers from different Kulliyyahs in IIUM (i.e. Engineering, Law, Economy, INSTED, Sciences, Allied Health Sciences, Medicine).

We were invited to present the "i-template" which is a Microsoft Word thesis template for the IIUM. Thank you to Dr. Zunariah, Dr Soraya, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Munirah, Dr. Shafida, Dr. Deny and Sister Jarifah for suggesting us to present the i-template today. We wouldn't have gone this far if we didn't get their full support and encouragement. Alhamdulillah.

In brief, the discussion that we had were based on the IIUM Thesis/Dissertation Manual which was reviewed in 2009. The objective for this workshop was to simplify the thesis/dissertation manual for easy understanding and use for all IIUM students.

Some of the points that we can share are:

1. The name of the Master or PhD programme must be written correctly.

2. The copyright of the thesis/dissertation will belong to the university.

3. The in-text citation will be written as author-date according to the latest APA style.

4. The heading of "Bibliography" will be changed to "References". This is to ensure that students will only write down the references if they are cited in their thesis/dissertation bodytext.

5. The style (endnote) for References will be written according to the latest edition of APA for in-text citation, and Chicago style for footnotes. All thesis/dissertation must have the list of references at the end.

6. The i-template and the thesis/dissertation manual will be made available to all IIUM students. There will be hands-on workshops for the i-template incorporated in the postgraduate compulsory research methodology course or a separate workshop handled by each Kulliyyah.


These are just a few or some of the points that we have discussed. We hope and pray that the i-template will make thesis writing faster, simpler and save a lot of time for all IIUM students. InsyaAllah.

Dr Wan Muhamad Salahudin was presenting "What is the i-template?"