Sunday, 21 July 2013

Thesis Formatting Made Easy - Simple Workshop


On the 1st July 2013, we successfully conducted simple workshop "thesis formatting made easy with IIUM Thesis Template" at IIUM Indera Mahkota Kuantan.

There were 26 participants and the workshop only took about 2 hours to finished.

The purpose of this workshop are :

  1. To give awareness regarding  the advantages of Auto Formatting Vs Manual formatting Using MS Thesis Template. 
  2. To encourage students to use MS Thesis Template in order to make thesis formatting very fast and very easy. 
Participants found that the workshop is very helpful in their thesis formatting process. 

We hope, sooner we will get the feedback in order to improve the template. 

IIUM Thesis Formatting Made Easy!

Don't let this happen to you!


Good news for IIUM Postgraduate Students.

For those who interested to make thesis formatting easier, save a lot of time and easily approved by format checker at CPS IIUM. We would like to recommend you to use the MS Thesis Template based on IIUM Thesis / Dissertation Manual.

This template use Styles created and embedded in the template to make thesis formatting very fast. To apply it, just click mouse cursor on the text to be formatted and click the style.

Majority of the students format their thesis manually. Thus, it will make thesis formatting very tedious job, stressful and difficult to maintan the format setting once transfer to another computer or different Microsoft word version.

Just apply the style to the Heading, Subheading, Paragraph. The Generation Table of Content can be done very fast within 5 seconds only. All the page numbering, paper size and margin already pre-set according to latest IIUM Thesis Manual.

This template already sent to CPS for approval and soon will be available at their website. This template is a supplement to the currently available manual NOT a replacement of the manual.

We have already released the template and tested among the students IIUM Kuantan Campus and it works well.

For further information, please contact us. Thank you.

The download link for the template is HERE

Thursday, 9 May 2013



Alhamdulillah, today we had a "Workshop on Thesis Manual Review" with dedicated professors and lecturers from different Kulliyyahs in IIUM (i.e. Engineering, Law, Economy, INSTED, Sciences, Allied Health Sciences, Medicine).

We were invited to present the "i-template" which is a Microsoft Word thesis template for the IIUM. Thank you to Dr. Zunariah, Dr Soraya, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Munirah, Dr. Shafida, Dr. Deny and Sister Jarifah for suggesting us to present the i-template today. We wouldn't have gone this far if we didn't get their full support and encouragement. Alhamdulillah.

In brief, the discussion that we had were based on the IIUM Thesis/Dissertation Manual which was reviewed in 2009. The objective for this workshop was to simplify the thesis/dissertation manual for easy understanding and use for all IIUM students.

Some of the points that we can share are:

1. The name of the Master or PhD programme must be written correctly.

2. The copyright of the thesis/dissertation will belong to the university.

3. The in-text citation will be written as author-date according to the latest APA style.

4. The heading of "Bibliography" will be changed to "References". This is to ensure that students will only write down the references if they are cited in their thesis/dissertation bodytext.

5. The style (endnote) for References will be written according to the latest edition of APA for in-text citation, and Chicago style for footnotes. All thesis/dissertation must have the list of references at the end.

6. The i-template and the thesis/dissertation manual will be made available to all IIUM students. There will be hands-on workshops for the i-template incorporated in the postgraduate compulsory research methodology course or a separate workshop handled by each Kulliyyah.


These are just a few or some of the points that we have discussed. We hope and pray that the i-template will make thesis writing faster, simpler and save a lot of time for all IIUM students. InsyaAllah.

Dr Wan Muhamad Salahudin was presenting "What is the i-template?"

Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Alhamdulillah, we were invited to give a presentation on Microsoft Word Thesis Template which we named it i-template yesterday. We presented the students' pains on formatting the thesis and also the advantages of using the i-template. Alhamdulillah, the panel of reviewers who listened to the idea were very happy with the i-template. They made us to go for the next meeting with CPS next month, 9th May 2013. We hope we can deliver the i-template as its best and hope that the i-template can be used by all IIUM students one day. Amiin

Dr Solah was presenting to the panel of reviewers

Tuesday, 5 March 2013


"Super Students" of CITA, IIUM

I must say "Sorry" for the late posting in this Speed-Up-Thesis-Writing. But well, here's the report for the workshop announced on the 20th February 2013. :)

Alhamdulillah, there were 12 "Super Students" who attended the MWTT workshop.  They are "super students" because they are doing part time Master degrees.

The workshop was organized by Mr Khairani, a postgraduate student at Centre of IT Advancement, IIUM Gombak. He called us in regards to his search of this blog when we were IIUM Gombak. We tried to arrange this workshop in IIUM Gombak.

We had a great time sharing our MWTT and they had a great time sharing their experiences. The most exciting part of the workshop was when we started sharing on Endnotes, the Citation Manager. Some of them were still at their early stage of their research proposal for their dissertations. So, sharing the information what we know about Endnote really made them extremely happy because it will help them to do literature review faster. 

Sharing our knowledge and experiences with them made us feel good. Feel motivated. Feel excited to help more students. InsyaAllah.

"I was in your shoe and you will be in my shoes or better shoes soon." :)

May this little sacrifice helps in adding value in the students' life and may all the "Super Students" graduate excellently end of this year, insyaAllah! May Allah bless us always..

Their business cards. The more reasons for us to call them "Super Students" right?

Wednesday, 20 February 2013


InsyaAllah, we'll be having a MWTT workshop. The details are as below:

Date: 23rd February 2013 (Saturday)
Time: 10am - 12.30pm
Venue: Centre for IT Advancement (CITA), Executive Classroom, Level 1,
Kulliyyah of Information and Communication Technology (KICT), IIUM Gombak
Fees: RM10

Seats are limited!!

If you are interested, please email to or contact 0196166197.

Thank you.



Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.
Allahuakbar. Allahuakbar. Allahuakbar.

All Praise to Allah for His blessings and had given us the chance to present our MWTT during IIUM Invention, Research and Innovation Exhibition (IRIIE) 2013.

All Praise to Allah for His blessings and had chosen us as one the silver medal award winner for the IRIIE 2013.

All Praise to Allah for all the opportunities, the knowledge, and the guidance He had given us to go this far.

We hope to share our innovation with all IIUM students, add value into other people's life and make contributions to the Ummah. InsyaAllah.

Thursday, 14 February 2013



Alhamdulillah, we have managed to send a manuscript to IIUM Press entitled "User Guide: Microsoft Word Thesis Template based on the IIUM Thesis/Dissertation Manual 2009" last week.  However, due some protocols set by the publisher, we are not sure whether this guidebook will be published soon. We really hope and make lots of du'a that this guidebook will be granted the permission to be published for the benefits of the students using the MWTT. Amin.

I would like to share the feedbacks from our colleagues on MWTT which they had used during their thesis writing. These feedbacks are also written in the guidebook. :)

I've found the Microsoft Word Thesis Template for IIUM to be very useful. I really appreciate the user friendly features. Very simple, very direct and it makes my thesis formatting much easier. I managed to organize my thesis according to IIUM format just in few hours. Furthermore, I was also able to generate the ‘Table of Content’, ‘List of Figures’ and “List of Tables’ with just a few clicks. I really like it. If any IIUM student asks me about thesis formatting, I'm going to tell them about your template. Keep up the good work.

Dr. Mohd Fadly bin Mohd Noor, MMDSc IIUM, Malaysia

I'm so happy to have such generous friends as Solah and Huda who kindly shared their skills and knowledge, which subsequently created a friendly research environment and made writing reports significantly easier than before. Microsoft Word Thesis Template for IIUM is one of their creative products, which has accelerated our work in writing thesis. I would like to suggest for them to make more workshops about how to use this template.

Dr. Sarah Firdausa Safir, MMDSc IIUM, Indonesia

I really like the Microsoft Word Thesis Template for IIUM because it saved me lots of valuable time from doing my own formatting manually. I can just concentrate on typing my own thesis.  It was easy to use particularly for someone who is not IT savvy like me.  The instructions were easy to follow.  I didn't even have to worry about the page no. for each section in the table of content since everything was linked and can easily be updated whenever I made any changes in the text of the thesis. This template really made my thesis writing smooth and easy.

Dr. Nurul Ashikin Muhammad Musa, MMDSc candidate, IIUM, Malaysia

I had the opportunity to use Microsoft Word Thesis Template for IIUM for my thesis. It was such a good quality template for my thesis. I found it to be really useful. Nice work. This thesis template helps in writing the thesis easier and faster. The contents were introduced sequentially in order to help the user. I would recommend for all the postgraduate students in IIUM to use this template. Thanks a lot for your excellent effort to help students in writing thesis with ease. You did a great job. Thanks for sharing the template. Really nice!

Dr. Hnin Pwint Phyu, MMDSc, IIUM, Myanmar

This template is very user friendly. All I have to do is type in my content within the already formatted template according to the IIUM thesis guideline. Formatting my thesis, is just a click away!

Dr Shahida Saharudin, MMDSc candidate, IIUM, Malaysia

I really appreciate all of the feedbacks...

Perhaps you can experience yourself using the MWTT for your thesis writing... ;)

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Making of Microsoft Word Thesis Template (MWTT)


This MWTT was created while we were doing our master degree in International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). The research itself was difficult because we were new to the research world. When we saw there is a format for the thesis/dissertation, it added salts to our wounded bleeding brain. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

Anyway, along the way, my husband, Dr Wan Muhamad Salahudin google and has found that international universities provided thesis template for their students. Unfortunately, in Malaysia, thesis template is not a common findings in the universities, as yet. For your information, all these while, students had been writing their thesis and head-cracking to follow the uniqueness of each universities thesis format.

Alhamdulillah, we managed to make theMWTT for IIUM students. We had already done free workshops and services to students of IIUM in Kuantan Campus since 2012. The feedbacks we got was inspiring and had lead us to share the MWTT with the rest of the students of IIUM today.

We hope to share with you, a thesis template based on IIUM Thesis/Dissertation Manual 2009, using Microsoft Word 2007. Please download the MWTT at the sidebar.

Sunday, 20 January 2013


Assalamualaikum and Welcome to our "speedthesiswriting" blog.

Thesis writing involves many processes including ideas, writing, grammar, technical skills and etc. However, with the advancement of the technology, thesis writing now is made easy.

The main purpose of this blog is to share some tips on "How to speed up your thesis writing".

These are the few tools, if use correctly will speed up thesis writing:
  1. Microsoft Word
  2. Endnote Software
  3. Dropbox / Sugarsync / Google Drive 

Microsoft Word

We hope to be able in assisting you, undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate students in making thesis writing easier and faster by providing thesis formatting and proofreading services for local universities' students throughout Malaysia.

Thank you.