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Alhamdulillah, we have managed to send a manuscript to IIUM Press entitled "User Guide: Microsoft Word Thesis Template based on the IIUM Thesis/Dissertation Manual 2009" last week.  However, due some protocols set by the publisher, we are not sure whether this guidebook will be published soon. We really hope and make lots of du'a that this guidebook will be granted the permission to be published for the benefits of the students using the MWTT. Amin.

I would like to share the feedbacks from our colleagues on MWTT which they had used during their thesis writing. These feedbacks are also written in the guidebook. :)

I've found the Microsoft Word Thesis Template for IIUM to be very useful. I really appreciate the user friendly features. Very simple, very direct and it makes my thesis formatting much easier. I managed to organize my thesis according to IIUM format just in few hours. Furthermore, I was also able to generate the ‘Table of Content’, ‘List of Figures’ and “List of Tables’ with just a few clicks. I really like it. If any IIUM student asks me about thesis formatting, I'm going to tell them about your template. Keep up the good work.

Dr. Mohd Fadly bin Mohd Noor, MMDSc IIUM, Malaysia

I'm so happy to have such generous friends as Solah and Huda who kindly shared their skills and knowledge, which subsequently created a friendly research environment and made writing reports significantly easier than before. Microsoft Word Thesis Template for IIUM is one of their creative products, which has accelerated our work in writing thesis. I would like to suggest for them to make more workshops about how to use this template.

Dr. Sarah Firdausa Safir, MMDSc IIUM, Indonesia

I really like the Microsoft Word Thesis Template for IIUM because it saved me lots of valuable time from doing my own formatting manually. I can just concentrate on typing my own thesis.  It was easy to use particularly for someone who is not IT savvy like me.  The instructions were easy to follow.  I didn't even have to worry about the page no. for each section in the table of content since everything was linked and can easily be updated whenever I made any changes in the text of the thesis. This template really made my thesis writing smooth and easy.

Dr. Nurul Ashikin Muhammad Musa, MMDSc candidate, IIUM, Malaysia

I had the opportunity to use Microsoft Word Thesis Template for IIUM for my thesis. It was such a good quality template for my thesis. I found it to be really useful. Nice work. This thesis template helps in writing the thesis easier and faster. The contents were introduced sequentially in order to help the user. I would recommend for all the postgraduate students in IIUM to use this template. Thanks a lot for your excellent effort to help students in writing thesis with ease. You did a great job. Thanks for sharing the template. Really nice!

Dr. Hnin Pwint Phyu, MMDSc, IIUM, Myanmar

This template is very user friendly. All I have to do is type in my content within the already formatted template according to the IIUM thesis guideline. Formatting my thesis, is just a click away!

Dr Shahida Saharudin, MMDSc candidate, IIUM, Malaysia

I really appreciate all of the feedbacks...

Perhaps you can experience yourself using the MWTT for your thesis writing... ;)

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